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HEAL: Astringent & Aftershave + Micellar Water


This is a rainwater based antibacterial solution for troubled skin or skin suffering from cuts or burns. HEAL is concentrated with lavender essence to quickly calm redness, reduce inflammation, and balance excessive sebum production. Removes makeup, dirt, oil and hard water residue. Use to refresh face after exercising. Excellent aftershave tonic.

-French lavender helps improve mental clarity.

-Colloidal silver helps increase wound healing time. 

-Treats ingrown hairs. 

Shake well before each use to ensure even distribution of active ingredients.

Directions: After cleansing, apply 2-3 drops on a cotton pad and swipe to remove residue from cleanser, makeup, or hard water. Follow with appropriate protective treatment for your skin type. For External Use Only.

Active Ingredient: Colloidal Silver

Made with Distilled Water with Traces of Silver, Wild-Crafted Lavender Floral Water (Hydrosol). Pumpkin Seed Peptide. Unscented.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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