Founder, Owner, CEO, Creative Director

Brandon Christian


919-444-0185 10 AM- 5 PM EST (Tuesday-Friday)

I have combination skin and suffer from chronic cystic acne. Pore People is a labor of love and life long dream, borne from my own personal journey towards clear and healthy skin. In 2013, I was burned by a lotion which made me start researching artisanal cosmetic manufacturing using all natural ingredients. I worked with a licensed esthetician with a specialty in herbal formulations to curate my range.

My goal was to create a multicultural clinical skincare line for all skin types. I created my line to be a one stop shop opportunity for the sophisticated modern consumer looking to shop with a responsible company. Today my personal mission is to be the world's "skincare superhero" delivering super potent products to repair, restore, and maintain your glow for life.