Founder, Owner, CEO, Creative Director

Brandon Christian

Pore People is a labor of love, borne from my own personal journey towards clear and healthy skin. At the age of 11 I noticed I had oily skin and experienced chronic cystic acne breakouts, aggravated by my obsession with chocolate. After years of struggling with expensive prescriptions and painful side effects, I began experimenting with home remedies made from avocado, honey, and lemon juice. I discovered all-natural ingredients were the least disruptive to my sensitive skin and provided the best results I had experienced that far. At age 19 I knew I wanted to develop my own skin care line using high quality, all-natural ingredients.

It took me over 15 years to achieve the clear, healthy skin that I was searching for, using all that I had learned in my career in clinical aromatherapy, spa management, and my own field research. I was able to build off of the products I had initially developed for myself, establishing Pore People as a clean beauty company focused on healthy, effective, and affordable skincare products. Having seen and experienced firsthand how healthy skin can improve one's self-esteem, I wanted to share my remedies with people worldwide to experience the same boosted self-confidence that I know comes with healthy skin. 

Today my personal mission is to be your "skincare superhero" delivering supercharged products to improve your skin and achieve the healthy, radiant glow you've always wanted. I experienced sensory assault in 2013 from a body lotion I was using. That event changed my buying habits and provoked me to create the skin care line of my dreams.