Our products are made by humans for humans, and we intend to prove that animal byproducts are not necessary to treat human skin. Our vegan skin care solutions and body care products are formulated in our solar-powered, FDA registered, eco-centric lab in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with holistic formulas blended with zero toxic preservatives or filler ingredients.

Our executive headquarters are based in Durham, North Carolina, also known as the City of Medicine. Our roots in clinical aromatherapy and holistic health motivate our high standards for quality ingredients, and our connection to this diverse, progressive city sets the foundation for our grassroots and global fair-trade partnerships.

Many of our ingredients are only found in some of the world’s poorest nations - including shea butter, cocoa butter, and marula oil. We directly source these ingredients from local co-ops in order to help provide fair wages and valuable income to support women, families, and entire communities. Our goal is to give back to both local and global communities via our relationships with like-minded companies, and to advance our positive influence as a clean, green, and blue business.