Pimples:To Pop Or Not To Pop?!!

Leave it to the professionals! While working in the spa industry I fell in love with facial treatments. Having a licensed esthetician perform a skin analysis and extractions is best for you. The skin is a very strong yet fragile muscle. It works to protect you 24/7. Damage to the skin surface could lead to blemishes and scarring. Skin with melanin is prone to develop keloids or a thick scar resulting from excessive growth of fibrous tissue. White blood cells are the "bouncers" of your immune system. Their job is to assail toxins and remove them from your body. A whitehead is the byproduct of this process. Pimples never appear at the right time. It's generally around picture day, your wedding day or before a hot date. 

Popping pimples or performing extractions is a cringe worthy yet oddly satisfying task for some. The action ruptures the epidermis or uppermost layer of skin and could lead to scarring if not treated properly. Pimples have a life cycle which are prolonged or shortened depending on the quality of one's diet and skincare products. A high intake of pure spring water will help with overall detoxification.


-Use "precision" q-tips instead of your fingertips to prevent the spread of germs.

-Never use professional metal instruments without the assistance of an esthetician.

-Never use abrasive scrubs on broken or inflamed skin.

Oily prone skin types sometimes develop stubborn pimples under the skin which cause severe and painful inflammation. This condition is called cystic acne. It may be reduced with Salicylic Acid treatments. Salicylic Acid is derived from Willow Bark. It's a more gentle alternative to Benzoyl Peroxide which may cause increased dryness and inflammation. 

Salicylic Acid helps breakdown dead skin cells built up inside your pores. Over time trapped dirt, oil, and debris will become compacted inside your pores then crystallize forming blackheads. Use Salicylic Acid to help improve skin cell regeneration. You may want to try our product: MELT: Vegan Salicylic Acid Mask, listed below.

-MELT: Vegan Salicylic Acid Mask to refresh congested pores and provide a blast of hydration. https://porepeople.com/collections/masks/products/melt-vegan-salicylic-acid-mask

Take precaution when using professional grade products; Always use as advised. When applied to the skin Salicylic Acid will cause a reaction triggering a tingling sensation. This is normal. If excessive sensations occur remove product immediately with cool water. 

Here are some other suggested products for oily skin concerns:

-PRIMETIME Facial Kit: Oily/Combo for an intense treatment targeted towards breakouts and hormonal imbalances. https://porepeople.com/collections/kits/products/primetime-facial-kit-oily-combo

-GLOW: Face & Beard Wash + Makeup Remover to instantly reduce redness, inflammation and balance excessive oil production.


-HEAL: Astringent & Aftershave + Micellar Water to control excessive oil production and instantly calm skin. Reduces wound healing time.


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