An apple a day keeps the dermatologist away!

The disease of acne has impacted generations to no end. Hereditary oily skin and air pollution are triggers for acne flare ups. As Pore People it is our duty to care for our bodily systems with ways that help it heal and detoxify itself. The temporary results of costly prescribed steroid creams for acne can be followed by excessively dry flaky skin and increased depression. Feeling unattractive due to skin blemishes may lead to increased levels of stress toxins in the body which further cripples the system.

The leading treatment for clear skin has proven to be a healthy and active lifestyle. Healing acne from the inside out starts with consuming a balanced diet with a high intake of H2O. Processed foods containing refined sugars are the arch nemesis of smooth glowing skin. Water aggressively neutralizes the acids in sugar so following your sweet treats with it is highly recommended.

Apples contain a nutrient called pectin. Pectin acts as a clean sweeper for the body. It’s job is to collect harmful toxins, bacteria, and pathogens then remove them from the body during excretion. Red Delicious Apples contain a high level of dark pigments also known as tannins in their skin which is rich in Vitamin A. Red grapes are also a great fruit to eat for the same reason.

Consuming red apples or red grapes daily is a healthy habit and can help you achieve clear glowing skin. As your body releases waste and toxins your body’s vitality and mental clarity immediately increases. Water flushing helps this process. Clearing your gut of harmful bacteria via professional out patient colon cleansing treatments or personal enemas is essential as well. Our products are plant activated to help your skin live it's best life.

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