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Pack Lite

Pore People

Pack Lite

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Take the bare essentials wherever you go in our sustainable Pore People hemp and lightweight PVC travel bag with bamboo logo tag. 


  • GLOW: Face & Beard Wash + Makeup Remover 1 oz
  • FORTIFY: Shower Gel 1 oz
  • FORTIFY: Body Lotion 1 oz
  • Everlasting Bath Buddy

Bag Details

7.99" x 1.50" x 5.98" 

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PRIMETIME Facial Kit:Dry/Normal

All skincare isn't made with integrity. Perfect for starting before your favorite sitcom begins then rinse the mask off after. Try this lab tested all natural collection of certified organic vegan treatments. Your sense of smell controls 80% of your buying decisions. Smelling is believing. We left all the nasty, chemically smelling ingredients out of our products for the sake of you. We've incorporated clinical aromatherapy into our formulas as much as possible to bring you holistic therapies. These unique products deliver spa quality results in a healthy way. Easily compliments clean living lifestyles.

-Biodegradable and compost efficient cellophane bag and tape derived from sugar cane.

-Biodegradable and compost efficient paper derived from banana peels. 

-Please trash lid liners then recycle container parts.

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